My experience as a voice student started roughly at the same time as my training as a singer. I received my principal training from Graciela Mozzoni, voice professor and audiologist. Then I studied at the Escuela de Música Popular de Avellaneda, and I have always studied by investigating.

I’m interested in working with the voice in a technical way, but always keeping this goal in mind: communication. For this reason lessons have a clear direction that helps students discover themselves as singers and also as interpreters.

My years of experience on important stages around the world and my permanent contact with theatrical studies have allowed me to work deeply on singers’ theatrical development.

Although my field of work on stage has mostly been with the “Tango” genre, I also work with other popular music genres. I believe that the way to approach a genre doesn’t involve the most stereotypical or externally visible characteristics, but rather the process  of in-depth work that connects us to the lyrics while performing, and from that place, connects us to the musical genre.

In order to achieve all of this the goal is to acquire the tools of vocal technique and interpretation techniques that allow for this development.

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