Crowdfunding Campaign 'ENCANTO NEGRA'

Hi everyone! My name is Noelia Moncada and I sing tango and other types of Latin American music. Recently I finished recording my 6th solo album, called “Encanto Negra,” recorded in the main hall of the Usina del Arte alongside 5 talented musicians from the local scene, and I need your help to release it independently. Here’s how to contribute to the project by making a secure payment from anywhere in the world with a choice of currencies.

In return for your support, you’ll find different rewards: access to download the album before its digital release, tickets to exclusive concerts, workshops (voice and vocal interpretation), concerts in your living room or at your private event, exclusive private concerts, Rolfing body therapy sessions, etc.

Crowdfunding is a way for a group of people to bring about the art that we want to exist; it creates a closer and more powerful encounter between artist and audience. It will be a joy to go through this experience together.

With your help we are going to carry out the steps needed to finish the album:

  • Mixing and mastering.
  • Royalty fees (SADAIC and AADI-CAPIF).
  • A photo session.
  • Album artwork and design.
  • Printing and reproduction.
  • Independent physical and digital release.
  • Promotional video.
  • Press, promotion and social media.

Thank you so much!  Noelia.


This project is the result of deep research into the African roots of the different types of popular music in Latin America.

If music is about traveling, Encanto Negra makes its journey with total commitment, through tango, milonga, candombe, son cubano and other southern rhythms. Compositions such as “Esclavo” by Joaquín Mora and José María Contursi, “Candombe mulato” by Víctor Lima, “Luna” by Lucio Demare y Homero Manzi, “Eclipse” de Margarita Lecuona, “Guariló” by Juan Carlos Cáceres, “Tristezas de la calle Corrientes” by Domingo Federico and Homero Expósito are all part of the itinerary.

A brief history of Encanto Negra:

In the summer of 2016 in Brazil the idea of Encanto Negra was born; months later it was debuted in Buenos Aires, on May 13th; on the same date 128 years earlier, slavery had been abolished in Argentina.

We’ve been presenting this project since 2017 in Buenos Aires’ most important venues: La Usina del Arte, Torquato Tasso, Café Vinilo. The show was also included in the Festival de Tango de Rosario 2017 and “Rosario bajo las estrellas 2018.” And lastly, the show was recorded live in the main hall of the Usina del Arte to a full house.


The concept since the beginning has been to research and dive into the African roots that tango shares with other types of Latin American music, to travel through the music in a comprehensive way, connecting genres, cultures and people.

The greatest satisfaction in all my years in music has been that I have always felt connected to what is happening artistically, and this includes, in a fundamental way, the people who have participated by enjoying each of these moments.

This happened just as much during the time when I used to sing for tips on Florida street as now, when I find myself involved in the beautiful project that is Encanto Negra.

Today this project has arrived at a very happy place: the recent recording of the new CD, live at the Usina del Arte.

And so being connected is what makes me happy and is what I want to keep promoting and encouraging. I chose this way of finishing the remaining part of the project because I want to keep enjoying that connection, to make it even deeper and to use it as a wonderful excuse to come together with people.

This campaign can allow us to share wonderful moments, and I’m really looking forward to that.


I’ve connected with a wonderful team of musicians, wonderful because of their knowledge and versatility with musical genres, and also because of the creative contribution that each one of them makes to the project. It was wonderful to invite them and receive a positive, enthusiastic response from them because each one of them was on the same wavelength with the concept. I had been performing with some of them in different groups for years and I have a deep admiration and affection for them.

They are all big names on their instruments, great masters:

  • Pablo Fraguela piano.
  • Juan Pablo Navarro double bass.
  • Ariel Argañaraz guitar.
  • Facundo Guevara percussion.
  • Gaspar Tytelman percussion.
About Noelia Moncada:

Singer, actress, voice professor, producer and ventriloquist, Noelia Moncada is considered to be one of the most distinguished performers of her generation. Her voice balances technique and expressivity, warmth and emotion. Recently at the Teatro Colón de Buenos Aires she took the lead role in María de Buenos Aires, the operetta by Astor Piazzolla and Horacio Ferrer for the closing night of the Buenos Aires Tango Festival, along with the Orquesta de la Fundación Piazzolla directed by Julián Vat.

She has shared the stage with great artists such as Horacio Ferrer, Raúl Garello, Leopoldo Federico, Néstor Marconi, Juanjo Domínguez, Julio Pane, Julio Bocca and Daniel Rabinovich, among others.

From the city of Rosario, she moved to Buenos Aires at a very young age to find her calling in music and found the answer in tango. After an enriching experience as a street artist on Calle Florida and in the Recoleta neighbourhood, she won the Cosquín and the Hugo del Carril competitions.  She sang with the Orquesta de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires and with the Orquesta Escuela de Tango Emilio Balcarce.  With the latter she made her debut at the Teatro Colón (2002 Buenos Aires Tango Festival).

With Raúl Garello she presented a moving concert series at the Club del Vino and an important concert at Luna Park, on the 25th anniversary of the “Música en la Ciudad” series organized by the guild of newspaper and magazine distributors. She participated in Garello’s album “Tocata para sexteto.”

In 2004 for the first time she took the lead role in “María de Buenos Aires” at the Long Beach Opera in Los Angeles, with scenery and direction by John Lloyd Davis. That same year she was nominated for the Premios Clarín.

She was part of an extensive worldwide farewell tour for the celebrated ballet dancer Julio Bocca with the Compañía Bocca Tango throughout the United States, Central America and Europe. Notable performances included a two-week run at the Casino de Paris and the unforgettable farewell on 9 de Julio Avenue in front of over 200,000 people.

In 2006 she caused a sensation at the Teatro Maipo with the show “El tango y la sombra,” a musical she wrote in which she sang and also danced tango.

From 2006 to 2010 she was in the Orquesta El Arranque with which she toured Japan and gave concerts in the Buenos Aires Tango Festival, the Theatre National de Chaillot in Paris (2006) and the Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome (2006 and 2008). With El Arranque she recorded her second CD “A tiempo” (Epsa Music), produced by Ignacio Varchausky and with arrangements by Diego Schissi.

In March of 2011 she once again took the lead role in “María de Buenos Aires” for the 90th anniversary of the birth of Astor Piazzolla at the Teatro Municipal Colón in Mar del Plata with the Fundación Piazzolla Quintet led by Julián Vat.

In 2012 she released her third solo CD “Marioneta,” with arrangements by the pianist Octavio Brunetti and with special guest Daniel Rabinovich, founding member of the legendary comedy group “Les Luthiers.”  The album was nominated for the Premios Carlos Gardel for Best Female Tango Singer. That same year, her work was recognized in Los Premios magazine.

She gave important concerts with the guitarist Luis Borda in Munich, where she was based for two years. Upon her return she released her new album “Llorarás,” accompanied by the Orquesta Victoria, with arrangements by Alejandro Drago. She toured with the Orquesta Victoria through Chile, Austria, and Germany.

In 2014 she was invited as a soloist for the opening and closing of the Festival de Tango de México DF and the Festival de Granada.

In 2016 she made a live recording with the pianist Matías Álvarez for the album “Un momento,” which she presented in 2017 in the chamber hall at La Usina del Arte.

For a little over a year she’s been playing and reinventing herself in “Encanto Negra,” an artistic experience that surprises us once again, through its investigation into the beginnings of tango, finding its connections with other types of Latin American music from the same roots. This show was recorded live in the main hall of the Usina del Arte to a full house on August 30th 2018.